Over here, over here! We all have heard that little voice pondering in our minds at one time or another. It's call the voice of distraction.


This article is not telling you that the crowd is always wrong; instead, it will teach you to understand the power of focus in achieving your goals in life. Everything accessible is not wrong, but it has become more of a norm for the people to accept things that they can’t change, and when they see someone working to improve it, they conclude that it is a futile effort. To make a mark in this world, you need to stay focused on your goal, no matter what people around you believe or are saying about our chosen target.

The power of focus cannot be overemphasized because it is the foundation of every great achievement. If you cannot focus on your goal and shield yourself from following the widely accepted wrong believes, then you are not ready to make an impact in this world.

For example, when Thomas Edison was developing the light bulb, a British Parliament Committee in 1878 concluded that it wasn’t good enough and, therefore, unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men. We both know that Edison never allowed the opinion of such people to derail him from his focus. He ended up as one of the greatest inventors of the human history. That is what focus can do for you, providing you stay true to it, not minding the crowd.

Before the great discovery by Barry James Marshal, there was a widespread belief that stress was the cause of ulcers. James decided not to flow with the crowd mentality and therefore went further to find the actual cause of peptic ulcer in Humans. Many great thinkers in the medical community saw his submission as a joke and without worth. This young and focused doctor went ahead to discover the bacteria Helicobacter pylori as the causative agent of peptic ulcer in 1982. In the year 2005, he received a Nobel Prize for his great work. Had Barry flowed with the conventional belief of the crowd, he wouldn’t have won such a great and revered prize in his life.

In life, you have to understand that there will always be the crowd at every point in time trying to discourage you from reaching your goal or living your dream. The highest good you can do for yourself in this situation is to remain focused and discard the crowd mentality. There is nothing wrong with being the “odd man out,” provided you know that you are on the right track.

In a world where very few people venture into the “unknown” and the higher percentage comfortable with the norm, you must make conscious effort to remain focused on your goal no matter the odds always. When the odds pile up against, remember that it was also stacked against Barry James Marshal but be remained focused on his goal, and he was celebrated for it. If you follow the crowd, no one will know your impact, but when you stay focused and away from the crowd, you will make your mark and be remembered for your significant impact.

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