Mind Repair Diet 101

We welcome your participation in an intriguing and informative distance life learning course. Finally Me Consulting Services is offering a life learning course entitled "Mind Repair Diet 101." This interactive short course provides information and resources to fully involve students with a variety of life experience courses and activities to help students make better life choices. Instructional methods include provision of on-line videos and quizzes that include practical information, and interactive discussion conducted via email. 

This course begins (2/1/20) and involves approximately 10 hours of participation over the course of 8 weeks for a personal and professional improvement. There is a charge of $144.00 for your participation, and you are sure to find this material useful in preparation for instructing you on how to make better life choices.

For course registration, please fill out the contact information below. I look forward to your participation!

Regina Glover-Gladmon



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