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Our Mission

To guide and educate the American population on understanding their purpose, and giving them strategies to achieve the same. To provide them the fresh insight and analysis they need to decide if a purchase is worth making, and to help them figure out how and when to make the purchase.

To provide post-purchase consultancy as a way of identifying loopholes, highlighting the things we could have done better, and how our purchase becomes disadvantageous instead of being beneficial in the quest to achieve our dreams.

Our Solution

Finally Me Consulting Services has helped many break free from their financial crises. We have equipped people with the knowledge and guidance they need to turn their business and finances around, to make smart purchases and close deals that launched them into financial freedom.

Our Results

Over the years, Regina has seen people wallow in financial difficulties due to the unsmart choices they made. She has studied the pattern of these challenges that lead people to making the wrong purchase decisions, and has devised several strategies with which people can successfully surmount these difficulties and make the best purchase decisions. She established Finally Me Consulting Service as a platform to reach out to people, to educate and guide them on the path to improving their financial life.

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Life. It's only a little four letter word, but it's meaning is bigger and more powerful than anyone can imaging. We are the carries of this precious gift. It is the source of the air we breath. It's a energy that we were born to experience. Good or bad, the outcome of the experience  is left up to the carrier. 

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Administrative Assistant

Regina Gladmon, has always been my rock. She shows resilience, strength & courage like no other. Her professionalism and compassionate will to help others is remarkable. I have always been amazed by the level of faith that has kept her through the years. I can only strive to be half the business woman she is. It was she who gave me direction that I needed to get my finances in order which led me to start my own business. Her work ethic has truly inspired me and reminds me to keep going.


Ceo / Big Fish Enterprise

Regina Gladmon, gave me a template on how to make my entertainment  endeavors more effective in her vass knowledge on communication skills needed to have successfull dialogue with those who hold key positions in the industry my career is headed. Not only did she give great consultation, she was available for any questions or concerns I may have had concerning my steps. Her ability to provide excellent advice led me a great road to success. Thank you so Much! Your advice has opened doors only I could only dram of. I applaud your gift of wisdom. 


Flight Attendant

I had the pleasure of working with Regina Gladmon, who not only was informative but demonstrated the true meaning of customer service.  I, myself am a person that works in an industry where customer service is key. So recognizing Ms. Gladmon’s way broad since of care was evident. I was able to purchase a new car feeling insured that I made a great and informed purchase 



Thank you always for your words of encouragement! The talk I had earlier in the year with Regina Gladmon, inspired me to look at my circumstances different and to not give up, but to keep my faith and trust in God. Regina is such a powerful and hard-working woman who’s very determined to accomplish her goals. Watching and listening to her, motivated me to continue to pursue my goals. I love that about her, and I just want to wish her and Finally Me consulting the best on their success! Thank you again for being the woman that you are, Regina.

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Let finally me be your car buying guide!

Drive with Style

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Let us assist you with finding the perfect home, for the right price for your loving family. That's what we do! 

More for Less

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There's no greater peace than knowing that your love ones will not be debt after your have passed on.  

Furture Planning

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