Meet Regina

Founder/Finally Me Consulting

Entrepreneur, #1 Sales Consultant, author, and motivational speaker

Regina is a practical example of passion and competence. She is a compassionate sales consultant with more than eight years of professional experience as a consultant. She has excellent interpersonal skills that have always distinguished her from other colleagues.  

Her excellent customer service delivery earned Regina the award of Number 1 Sales Consultant at her place of work multiple times. It has also earned her an admirable reputation among her co-workers, customers, and audience.

Regina is a motivator who has the right words and strategies to make people see beyond their challenges. She regards herself as a transformation ambassador, and her ultimate aim is to impact positively into the life of everyone she meets.

It was this compassionate spirit that led her to establish Finally Me Consulting Company- an organization that focuses on rendering solutions to the wide array of problems people face in life and offering them bright hope for the future.

Those who are constantly weighed down by life issues such as job security, income sustenance, vehicle upkeep, and family can now find peace and receive restoration for a brighter tomorrow.

So far, she has dedicated herself to achieving the vision of her organization, and right now, there have been countless testimonies from clients who she has helped find ways to bring a lasting solution to their problems.

Live everyday from the end to the beginning

Regina Glover-Gladmon